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PCAT Prep Class

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Class and the Self-Study?

With the Class you will have the opportunity to attend approximately 30 hours of instructional class time. During this class time, our highly qualified instructors will review the background material for each area tested on the PCAT and go over practice exams. With the Self-Study you do not attend these live instructional classes. For the Self-Study, however, you will receive the identical material that is provided to the students in the Class. This material includes our Study Guides, Practice Exams, and Essay Topics. Self-Study students will have e-mail access to an instructor in each area so that you can ask questions. Also, Self-Study students can submit a sample essay to our English instructor, Ms. Joann Lee, for evaluation. Though the live class time is valuable, we have had many students score very high on the PCAT using the Self-Study option if they put in the time to study.

Do I need to take Organic Chemistry before taking the PCAT?

The PCAT Prep Class is a review class. This means that we assume that you have already taken the relevant pre-requisite courses. In the Class we review the material that we consider most relevant to the PCAT rather than attempt to teach all the material that is ordinarily covered in the pre-requisite course. Ideally, a student should complete Organic I prior to taking the PCAT. At the minimum, starting Organic I the semester you take the PCAT is helpful. In exceptional cases students may, for scheduling and application reasons, be forced to take the PCAT prior to having taken any Organic Chemistry. Such students are at a disadvantage but by concentrating on the focused Organic Chemistry that we provide in the Class a successful outcome is certainly attainable.

What are the Updates and when are they available?

Updates are supplementary materials covering any new information added to the PCAT exam. The Updates are to be added to your previously purchased core material and do not replace it but, rather, add to it. The updates are available three times per year in February, August, and December. Please email Dr. Collins at in order to inquire about updates.

Do you teach prep courses for other exams (such as the MCAT, DAT, and OAT) besides the PCAT?

We only prepare students for the PCAT. By focusing on just one exam we are able to maintain the high quality of our materials and classes.

How do I register for the actual PCAT exam?

Contact the PsychCorp through their web site at or call them at 1-800-622-3231.

If I order the self-study, when is it shipped?

We ship every day Monday through Friday at 1:00 PM pacific time. We make every attempt to get your order shipped within 24 hours.

If I have purchased the self-study course and then decide to enroll in a live class, do I have to pay the full class fee?

No. The self-study fee (less shipping charges) will be deducted from the class fee. Please email Dr.Collins at to arrange for the reduced fee.

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Disclaimer: Although the PCAT Prep Class is dedicated to providing a comprehensive review, resources and support for students preparing to take the PCAT exam, this class is not meant to replace adequate studying and effort from the student. You should not rely on this class, or information given to you in this class, to replace the need to study, review, complete the practice exams, and put forth effort on your own behalf.
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