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PCAT Prep Class

About the Class

Over the past 24 years, the PCAT Prep Class has helped thousands of students successfully prepare for the PCAT and significantly improve their chances of being accepted into pharmacy school. The Class works because of significant contact time with high quality instructors, handouts condensing the relevant material into manageable quantities, and practice exams. Our instructors are experienced professors who are experts on the PCAT so we are aware of what you need to know to be completely prepared for the exam. The deciding factor in whether or not you are accepted into pharmacy school may be your score on this exam. The PCAT Prep Class, coupled with the effort that you put into your review, will position you for an outstanding result on this important exam.

Extensively Revised for 2018

  • Updated 2018 version of study materials based on the latest PCAT exam.
  • Additional passage-based test questions added to Chemistry and Biology practice tests.
  • Additional practice exams for Biology and Quantitative

Our material is always updated and refined after each PCAT exam!

Topics Covered

All the subjects that are tested on the PCAT are thoroughly reviewed in the Class. The material for each subject is updated prior to each class to assure good test results. These subjects are grouped into the following areas of emphasis:

• General Chemistry
• Organic Chemistry
• Biochemistry
• Quantitative Reasoning
Biological Processes
Critical Reading
• Essay

Class Schedule

City June July August
Washington DC X
Fort Lauderdale  X
Houston  X
Las Vegas X
Miami X
Columbus, OH X
Ann Arbor X

Class Size and Fee

The fee for the class is $695.00. This fee includes all ancillary material; there is no extra charge for copying, handouts, etc. If you register more than two weeks prior to the start of the Class, the material will be shipped to you at no extra charge so you can review it before the Class begins. If you register less than two weeks prior to the start of the Class, you will receive the material on the first day of Class. There is no application deadline; however, class size is limited. The Class will be closed at each class site once the classroom capacity is reached. Please note that we have very limited seating in the following cities: Las Vegas (40 students), Columbus (50 students) and Miami (50 students). Do not delay if you wish to register for these classes.

The fee for the self study is $375.00 plus shipping charges. Tax is additional for students with shipping addresses in Nevada.

Class Supplies

Please bring a notebook and a pen. It is also advisable to bring a sweater because the classroom is air conditioned.

Dr John A. Collins - 10620 Southern Highlands Pkwy #110-264 Las Vegas, NV 89141 - Tel: 954-806-9939 -
Disclaimer: Although the PCAT Prep Class is dedicated to providing a comprehensive review, resources and support for students preparing to take the PCAT exam, this class is not meant to replace adequate studying and effort from the student. You should not rely on this class, or information given to you in this class, to replace the need to study, review, complete the practice exams, and put forth effort on your own behalf.
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Welcome to PCAT Prep Class

All study and class materials have been extensively revised for 2018.
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