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Self Study Course

The self-study course costs $375.00

IMPORTANT: Your order cannot ship until both the registration form and payment have been received.


We understand that not everyone lives close enough to attend our live classes. To help long distance students, we offer the class materials as a self-study course.
Self-study students receive the following. :

  • All materials used in our live classes including study guides for Chemistry, Organic/Biochemistry, Biology, and Quantitative; essential vocabulary lists; reading tips; and, most importantly, multiple practice exams for each area
  • Contact information for topic professors
  • Instructions on how to write your essay and submit for grading
  • Continued updates (at a nominal cost) until you achieve your desired result

Registration Procedure
1. Download the registration form here
2. Submit payment via credit card by clicking the Check Out button below. If you prefer to mail a money order, enclose it with your registration form.

Dr John A. Collins - 10620 Southern Highlands Pkwy #110-264 Las Vegas, NV 89141 - Tel: 954-806-9939 - Email:
Disclaimer: Although the PCAT Prep Class is dedicated to providing a comprehensive review, resources and support for students preparing to take the PCAT exam, this class is not meant to replace adequate studying and effort from the student. You should not rely on this class, or information given to you in this class, to replace the need to study, review, complete the practice exams, and put forth effort on your own behalf.